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Optikon : R-Evolution Phaco


The extraordinary creativity of Giugiaro design and Optikon’s 50 year experience in the sector of Ophthalmic surgery have converged to create the R-Evolution. R-Evolution is an advanced system, programmed to evolve steadily: its extreme flexibility involves the option of constantly updating the equipment to ensure up-to-date technology.


R-Evolution is conceived on highly sophisticated fluidics with performance optimisation based on three types of pumps. A series of Optikon patented solutions cover the main surgical areas: namely the lighting system with dual operating temperature and filters designed to reduce phototoxicity, the A.D.C. (Asymmetrical Duty Cycle) system for retinal surgery and the Minimal Stress patent for optimal energy control during cataract surgery.


Optikon has simplified man-machine interaction by directing the surgeon's gaze towards a single 19" touchscreen.

The user-friendly graphic interface is conceived to ensure easy handling of a highly complex instrument.


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