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The new SL-3G Slit Lamp combines classic versatility with a smooth and effortless mechanism. Its stereoscopic converging microscope and carefully crafted optics provides the practitioner with excellent image clarity and sharpness. This reduces fatigue while providing a clearer field of view. Magnifications can easily and smoothly be changed between 1X to 1.6X using the conveniently located lever.

  • Bright, even illumination and optimum color rendition with powerful halogen bulb
  • Smooth, effortless control with Topcon's omni-directional joystick
  • Slit beam inclination up to 20 degrees for added versatility
  • Continuous adjustment of slit aperture
  • Four built-in filters: cobalt blue, red-free, 13% neutral density and heat absorbing
  • Precise angular measurement scale simplifies the fitting of astigmatic contact lenses
  • Available with a variety of optional accessories

Topcon Slit Lamp SL-3G

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